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I have so many photos series to post, but, I do not plan on overflowing your inboxes.  please refer to these links and their descriptions so you don't miss out!

blogspot where I post all photo-series, including images which will be otherwise unpublished.
facebook where I post art, WIPs, and updates
tumblr where there are some things that inspire me, others that are mine, as well as occasional thoughts and self-portraits.
flickr where there are all the same images, but often uploaded in better quality

have a lovely day :heart:
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I just made a Facebook page, and I'd really appreciate it if you "liked" it :)…
(Not only is it the new year, two days ago also marked my one year anniversary of being on deviantArt)

The world was frosted over, cold and empty. But yesterday it rained and rained and then all the beauty in the world shined though. As I stepped outside and barefoot into some puddles, camera in hand, I knew that my somber state of mind and struggle to create had been wiped away. I photographed and lived and everything was okay.

Month by month my connection and dedication to art has grown progressively. It started out as an occasional hobby and now is my purest source of happiness.
This year has held joy, loss, self-discovery, and so much more. I'm in a growing process, and I won't let it stop.
to break the boundaries I set for myself
to see the world in all its beauty
to try new things, experiment
to enjoy little things
to truly create
to live
have a happy new year and enjoy this chance for a happy new life.
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